Monkey Matters Complete Guide To Care & Behavior

Two Volume Set

Third Edition

Should people keep monkeys in captivity? Not unless they can give them excellent care.

Monkey Matters Complete Guide To Care & Behavior is dedicated to the well-being of all monkeys and to the education of their caretakers.

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Over 1,000 pages of illustrated information.
Color photo covers and 10 color photo pages inside!
Over 2000 black and white illustrations & photographs!
Includes the Monkey Matters caretaker evaluation chart (rate yourself as a potential monkey caretaker!)
Has detailed chapter contents and an index for easy referencing!
Includes vital new information and updates.  
Includes chapters on understanding and coping with problem behaviors.
New information on the effects of diet on hormonal imbalance, irritability & depression.
Enrichment through good nutrition: Recipes for pregnant, nursing and pet monkeys.
Thoroughly researched descriptions of species behaviors, including helpful illustrations.
A thorough guide to primate enrichment.
A complete chapter on social enrichment.
Product information! Sanctuary information! Additional reading information!
Unique and inspirational housing designs for indoors and out, plus planted enclosures!
What's new in the 3rd edition:
New and updated information
More information on behavior
More information on health and nutrition
More information on diabetes prevention
Additional photos
50 new pages
Volume 1 Contents
Volume 2 Contents