Monkey Matters Royalty Free Photo Collections

Feel free to use any of the photos from these collections for any non-commercial use. Please attribute the photos to Monkey Matters. If you would like to use photos for commercial applications, please contact us at  For commercial use, higher resolution photos are available for most photos in the collections.

New photos and new collections are being added all the time. Come back often to see what's new.

Below is a list of current collections in the royalty free library. Click on a link to visit a library. Within the library galleries, you can right-click on thumbnails to download the small pictures ("Save Picture As") or left-click to open a high resolution photo which can then be downloaded with a right-click.

The Collections

Dogs (57 photos)

Dogs 2 (69 photos)

Dog Beach (47 photos)

Cats  (7 photos)

Monkeys (16 photos)

More Monkeys (35 photos)

Swamp Monkeys and Otters (37 photos)

Rodents (13 photos)

Birds (162 photos)

Mo' Monkeys (14 photos)

Harbor Seals (18 photos)

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